About Us


MRCSN MRCSN is a Semi-Governmental, non-profit organization, established under the copyright law of Nepal that protects and administers the rights of authors and composers. It is administered by people like yourself- authors and composers, whose sole interest is to collectively ensure that copyright owner’s receive every benefit provided by law. We monitor the use of the works concerned, negotiate with the prospective users, give them licenses against appropriate fees and under appropriate conditions, collect such fees and distribute among the owners of rights.


As we all know music is performed in radio and television studios, concert halls, restaurants, discotheques, cinemas and numerous other places. Music also plays an important role in the new digital delivery channels such as the Internet and as ring tones in cellular phones. On radio, music often accounts for more than 70 percent of airtime, in general. Therefore, it would be close to impossible for individual broadcasters to clear the rights with each and every owner of copyright and related rights and therefore, the need of collective management organization comes into place. MRCSN acts as intermediary between copyright holders and such users.