What Works does MRCSN administer?

MRCSN administers rights in respect of Musical Works (i.e. musical compositions/tunes/melodies) and literary works (i.e. lyrics) associated with musical works.

Who are the members of MRCSN?

MRCSN members include Authors i.e. Lyricists and Music Composers as well as Publishers (i.e., music labels, music publishers and film producers).


What is the Berne Convention ?

This is an international Convention signed at the conclusion of a series of conferences held in Berne, to devise a system for the international protection of works of the Author. Its full title is “The Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works”, and the signatory states of this Convention formed themselves into the so-called “Berne Union for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works”. The Convention established certain minimum standards of protection, and every signatory state undertook to ensure that its own national copyright laws would conform to those minimum standards.


Since the signing of the Berne Convention in 1886, the technological explosion of our century has brought many new and unforeseen ways of exploiting works of the Author, particularly music via the gramophone, the tape recorder, broadcasting, television, the video recorder, the computer, satellite transmission, internet and others. In order to keep pace with all these technological developments the Berne Convention has been revised at regular intervals, and it will continue to be so revised. This means that the copyright laws of the signatory states must also be regularly revised and brought into line with the latest developments.