January 29th, 2022

Details of Meeting   held on 2078-09-29 at the office of radio Nepal, Singh Durbar between the members of Radio Nepal, MRCSN and other related organizations.

1. Buddhi Bahadur K.C Executive Director Radio Nepal
2. Tank Khatri Executive Director Radio Nepal
3. Krishna Chandra Poudel Director Radio Nepal
4. Tika Bhandari Act Program Chief Radio Nepal
5. Lalijan Rawal Deputy Director Radio Nepal
6. Mohan Anbo Act Administration Chief Radio Nepal
7. Suresh Chandra Adhikari Chairman MRCSN
8. Nirmal Raj Dhakal Chairman MPSN
9. Shiv Hamal Chairman PSN
10. Badri Pandey General Secretary MRCSN
11. Surya Bahadur Magar Chairman Association of Music Industry
12. Basanta Sapkota Treasurer MRCSN
13. Narottam Ghimire Desk Officer MRCSN



  1. Suresh Adhikari:-

Mr. Suresh Adhikari, Chairman of MRCSN said that Creator shall have right to determine the price of his/her composition (Intellectual Property) and CMO can collect the royalty according to pre-determined tariff and mutual understanding from Radio Nepal as a representative of creators.


  1. Tika Bhandari:-

Mr. Tika Bhandari, Act program chief of Radio Nepal Proposed to pay Rs. 75000 royalty for the fiscal year 2078/79 and promised to pay the amount which will be determined in new tariff by MRCSN after the negotiation and mutual understanding for further years.


  1. Buddhi Bahadur K.C :-

According to Buddhi Bahadur K.C., Executive director of Radio Nepal, If Radio Nepal pays royalty according to previous tariff, it will not be fair enough so, It should pay at least lump sum amount of Rs. 75000 to Royalty Collection Society for the fiscal year 2078/79 and decided to pay further according to the new tariff which will be determined by the Executive Committee after further discussions of Board Members.

  1. Badri Pandey :-

Mr. B. Pandey, General secretary of MRCSN, the existing rate of royalty paid by Radio Nepal is not according to proper copyright act and law so, it should pay the royalty according to new tariff imposed by MRCSN as it is legally authorized organization to collect royalty on behalf of Creators, Composers and Musicians (Intellectual Property holder). Even If the royalty amount is less, it doesn’t matter but It should be according to the copyright act (article-39 & rule 10) new Tariff imposed by MRCSN.


  1. Others:-

Likewise, Other Members present in meeting like Nirmal Dhakal (chairman of producer society), Basanta Sapkota (Treasurer of MRCSN) and others also supported the same decision that Radio Nepal should pay royalty according to the new Tariff plan determined by Royalty Collection Society.



For the fiscal year 2078/79, royalty amount of Rs. 75000 is accepted but further new tariff plan will be determined with mutual understanding and combined negotiation and the royalty should be paid according to the same.